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T his memorial is accessible to everyone. It takes up no buildable land. It references the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, as well as Castle Clinton, important symbols of our history and values. It points to Staten Island, to New Jersey, and to the rest of the world (recognizing the national and international dimensions of the September 11 disaster). It recreates the architecture of the World Trade Center full-size, but in a way that it can be experienced without climbing. Thus it allows visitors to experience the immensity of the lost towers, and to hear the stories of the people who worked and died there, easily but not comfortably.

From some angles, the piers will look like reflections of the twin towers in New York Harbor. From other angles, they will look like fallen towers.

The memorial utilizes Battery Park -- which is already a tourist gathering-site -- as a meeting place and staging area. It could be built within a year. It could, with the approval of the victims' families, use steel recycled from the World Trade Center.

The piers would not block harbor traffic. In this image, which is to scale, the world's largest cruise ship can be seen moving up the Hudson River after passing the Twin Piers